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Avenova Eyelid Spray

Avenova Antimicrobial Eyelid and Lash Cleanser – Soothing Formula, Effective Relief from Irritation, Dry Eyes, Styes and Blepharitis. Pure and Gentle Hypochlorous Acid Spray, 20mL (0.68 oz)

About the Product

  • CLEARER, HEALTHIER EYES START HERE – Avenova Antimicrobial Spray gently removes bacteria on lids and lashes without drying or irritating the sensitive skin around your eyes. Proper lid and lash hygiene is clinically proven to help with chronic eye frustrations like dry eye, blepharitis, styes, chalazion and contact lens discomfort.
  • #1 DR RECOMMENDED– Don’t be fooled by cheaper alternatives, Avenova is THE ONLY truly pure antimicrobial solution on the market. Previously available by prescription only, the #1 Dr. recommended brand is now available without a doctor’s prescription.
  • PURE RELIEF – Our patented solution contains 0.01% hypochlorous acid, a substance your body naturally produces to fight toxins and inflammation. Unlike other brands, Avenova does not contain any soaps, detergents, or bleach derivatives. Avenova contains only clean ingredients, packaged in an environmentally-friendly glass bottle to prevent plastic leaching.
  • SAFE FOR DAILY USE – Avenova is safe for people of all ages to incorporate into their daily routine (think about Avenova as toothpaste for your eyes!). Apply in the morning and before bed, or anytime you experience dry or itchy eyes. Avenova is proudly made in the USA.
  • LOVED BY LASH EXTENSIONS – Make your long lashes last longer! Unlike basic lash shampoos, Avenova prevents oil and bacteria buildup, extending the life of lash extensions. Don’t worry – Avenova is oil-free, sting-free, hypoallergenic and adhesive friendly.